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As a leading provider of business phone systems and UCaaS, Mitel can help companies of all sizes. Over 70 million people are said to use the company’s products and services in nearly 100 countries. In 1973, Mitel, a Canadian company, was established in the province of Ontario.

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In terms of cloud communications and collaboration, MiCloud Connect is Mitel’s flagship product. VoIP combines voice, instant messaging, screen sharing, video and audio conferencing, file sharing, contact center tools, and other capabilities into a single interface. ShoreTel Connect was the previous name for MiCloud Connect. When Mitel bought ShoreTel in 2017, it rebranded the service under its own name.

RingCentral and Mitel will work together starting in 2021. In terms of UCaaS, Mitel only has RingCentral as a business partner. It’s anticipated that both companies’ business phone systems will be even more tightly integrated by 2022.

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How Mitel Is different from others?

Companies that use Mitel’s video conferencing app, MiTeam Meetings, will be able to access the product through a single interface. A gradual roll-out of MitelOne will begin in the summer and the service will be available on both mobile and desktop devices.


Mitel’s MiCloud Connect Contact Center will be integrated with MitelOne. A customer service representative could use the integration to talk to customers and see call records at the same time.


At its Mitel Next virtual event for customers and partners this week, Mitel introduced MitelOne, which the company said should eliminate the hassle of switching between different services. A widget on the app’s home screen will allow users to make calls, join videoconferences, and schedule meetings.

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As a product marketing manager at Mitel, Travis Muller says the feedback he’s received over the years from his partners and customers has been that we have too many applications. Making frequent switches between the two “doesn’t make for an enjoyable user experience.”

Moverover, Third-party services shall be able to be integrated with MitelOne in the future. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Zendesk will all be available to the app when it launches. Facebook and WhatsApp will also be accessible.

With pure-cloud players like RingCentral and 8×8, MitelOne wants to up the ante on the competition. Both have apps that are very similar.

Customer Packages Offered By Mitel

Essentials, Premier, and Elite are MiCloud Connect plans. Higher-priced packages provide more features than lower-priced ones. MiCloud Flex for multi-office setups, MiVoice Business, which may be implemented on-site, in the cloud, or both, MiCollab and MiContact for enterprises, and MiVoice Office for SMEs.

MiCloud Connect has built-in PBX functionality and is cloud-based. All plans include a DID phone number, voicemail, unlimited domestic outgoing and inbound minutes, voicemail-to-email notifications, one-to-one video calling, audio and video conferencing iOS and Android mobile applications, and instant messaging.

Even so, MiCloud Connect packages include directory calling, music on hold, and external phone forwarding. Advanced PBX features like call barge and whispers come with all MiCloud Connect versions, whereas RingCentral or 8×8 only offer them on higher-tier contracts.

MiTeam Meetings handles video meetings. It offers the greatest video resolutions compared to other VoIP companies in our Best Business Phone Systems of 2022 list. Users can only see 16 members at once, while Zoom Phone and Microsoft Teams show 49.

Further, Upper-tier options offer Salesforce and CRM integrations. Mitel has temporarily upped video conferencing restrictions to 100 participants. Mitel offers add-ons to tailor each service level, such as contact centre functions and seven-year data archiving.

Plans include:


  1. Eight-person audio conferences.
  2. Outlook integration
  3. Chrome browser Connect,
  4. Online and app dialers
  5. 100 participant video conference limit, unlimited calls per month, Outlook and G Suite integration
  6. Costs: $25.49


  1. 25-person audio conferences
  2. 60-second voicemail-to-email transcriptions
  3. On-demand call recording
  4. Salesforce, and CRM interfaces.
  5. Cost: $32.29


  1. 100-person audio conferences.
  2. 30 minutes per month of 90-second voicemail-to-email transcriptions
  3. Automatic call recording
  4. Operator for Connect Client
  5. Seven-year IM, call, audio, and video archiving
  6. Cost: $46.74

Famous Business Phone Companies

  1. Nextiva
  2. RingCentral
  3. Ooma
  4. Cisco
  5. AirCall
  6. DialPad
  7. Zoom
  8. Spectrum
  9. Vonage
  10. Zoom

Review On Mitel

Mitel offers on-premises and cloud-based PBXs. It offers MiCloud Flex, MiVoice Business, and MiCloud Connect. Essentials, Premier, and Elite are MiCloud Connect’s plans. All plans feature unlimited calling minutes, 100-person video conferencing, text messaging, a built-in VPN, Outlook and G Suite connectors, and iOS and Android apps. An online cost estimator lets users mix and match service packages. In Addition, Premier includes call recording, CRM interfaces, and voicemail transcription. Besides this, Elite delivers always-on recording, operator controls, and call archiving for recording, conferencing, and IM media.

Additionally, Mitel MiCloud Connect plans don’t include a toll-free number or minutes. Instead, there’s a one-time price and per-minute rates. Afterward, Mitel MiCloud Connect limits audio conferencing to 8 to 100 participants. Aircall’s limit is five, however, RingCentral’s is 1,000. Meanwhile, Mitel limits video participants to 100 versus 8×8 X-Series 500. Mitel’s business plans offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. if a user is not satisfy with the services, they can discontinue service and return Mitel phones and hardware.

Distinguish Features:

  1. Mitel offers cloud-hosted and on-premises VoIP and UCaaS.
  2. Salesforce, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace connect.
  3. Mitel will migrate UCaaS clients to RingCentral MVP.
  4. MiCloud Connect Elite saves media for 7 years.

Some FAQ

How does Mitel help its customers?

Mitel phone services come with technical support for customers around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It gives toll-free numbers and the option to connect with a Mitel Authorized Partner or service provider for on-premises customer support. Mitel offers training on-demand and technical documentation for each product. Users can also buy VoIP phones with a button to call for help and plans for managed support.

With what does Mitel work together?

MiCloud Connect combines native collaboration and conferencing apps with third-party business apps like Salesforce, ACT!, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft 365, and Zendesk. It works with Google Workspace (formerly Google G Suite) and Microsoft Outlook to bring together calendars and contacts from different programs.

Is there a Mitel app for phones?

Indeed, For phone conferencing Mitel has apps for iOS and Android phones. Furthermore, It also has desktop apps that you can use to turn the device into a digital phone that can be used for audio conferencing. The mobile-first design of Mitel makes the experience the same on all devices.

Mitel has the MiTeam Meetings app for video conferencing. And, the MiCloud Connect Teamwork app is need for team collaboration. Nonetheless, With the MiCloud Connect for Chrome client, Google Workspace accounts can be linked to MiCloud Connect.

Does Mitel have features to keep people safe?

Service Organization Control (SOC) 2 compliance means that MiCloud Connect has system controls in place to make sure that customer data is secure, available, processed correctly, kept private, and not shared with anyone else.

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Is Mitel in line with HIPAA?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Even so, Which has strict rules for protecting health information and patient health data, is followed by MiCloud Connect. As part of a customer’s service contract, HIPAA-covered organizations that want extra security can have the company sign a customized business associate agreement.

What kind of equipment does Mitel sell?

Mitel sells office phones and digitally enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) devices. As well as, hardware for on-premises and VoIP phone services. Additionally, Mitel sells adapters, headsets, conference devices, Mitel IP phones, and handsets. It gives a list of devices and hardware that work with phone systems so that users can figure out if their own devices will work.

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