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Apple’s next-generation iOS running system previewed at WWDC and set to be launched this fall.  Apple in June 2020 introduced the latest version of its iOS, iOS 14, which is about to be launched this autumn. IOS 14 feature is one in every of Apple’s biggest iOS updates to date, introducing home display screen layout adjustments, predominant new functions, updates for present apps, Siri enhancements, and plenty of other tweaks that streamline the iOS interface. The prominent IOS 14 Feature and review are mention in detail.

Home Screen Display

 iOS 14 Feature

IOS 14 introduces a new layout for the home screen. The latest home screen design permits for a long way more customization with the incorporation of widgets. Furthermore, Options to hide entire pages of apps, and the brand new App Library that shows you everything you’ve got mounted at a glance.


 iOS 14 Feature

First and major, iOS 14 brings a redesigned home screen display that includes help for widgets for the first time. Widgets can be dragged from the today view right onto the house display screen and can be pinned in distinctive sizes.

With a smart Stack feature, the iPhone can use on-tool intelligence to floor the proper widget based on time, region, and interest. Each domestic screen page can display widgets custom-designed for paintings, travel, sports activities, and extra. The today segment where widgets are housed has additionally been redesigned, and there may be a widget gallery wherein customers can choose new widgets from apps and customize the one’s widgets.

Widgets provide greater data than ever to offer greater capability, and Apple redesigned its widgets for default apps like Calendar, shares, and climate. There are also new widgets for display Time and Apple information.

All of your widget options may be viewed within the Widget Gallery with the aid of long urgent on the show, selecting “Edit home screen” and then tapping the “+” button. The Widget Gallery’s widget recommendations are based on what users are installing the maximum, and third-party app developers can create new widget reports for their apps. Any widget may be dragged out of these days’ view and proper onto the house screen, in which it may be positioned properly alongside app icons. You may have multiple widgets at the exclusive home display screen pages, organized within the most useful manner to your needs.

Widget Size

Widget Size

Widgets inside the nowadays view and on the house display are available in small, medium, and big sizes, every with one-of-a-kind facts density. A small version of the Apple information widget suggests just one story, as an example, however, the larger model shows three. The facts supplied with each widget size varies primarily based on app, so it’s worth experimenting with exclusive sizes and setups to peer what works nice.

Widget Stacks

You may stack up to 10 widgets on top of one another to higher make use of location, each in the nowadays view and the home display screen. If you stack up a gaggle of widgets, you may swap between them with a swipe. The characteristic provides maximum application whilst taking over a minimum quantity of space.

Widget Smart Stack

There may be a separate smart Stack characteristic it really is exceptional from widget stacking. Created within the Widget Gallery view, a clever Stack is a widget stack that automatically surfaces the high-quality widget choice primarily based on time, place, and activity.

As an example, if you stack up the Apple information widget, the Calendar widget, and the Maps widget, you might see Apple information whilst you wake up so you can seize the contemporary headlines, Calendar events as they come up all through the day, and Apple Maps at night time.

It’s essentially the same as a widget stack, but the iPhone swipes so as to make certain you’re looking at what is maximum relevant. You could, of the route, swipe thru the clever Stack yourself.

Application Library

 iOS 14 Feature

App Library is a top-notch new function that suggests all of the apps you have got installed in a prepared, simple-to-navigate view that’s just like the app list view at the Apple Watch.

Swipe all of the manners from the proper to the left to get past your property screen pages to the App Library view, in which each app you’ve got set up is automatically prepared into folder classes like Utilities, productiveness, Education, Creativity, Reference and analyzing, Social, fitness and fitness, way of life, and video games. There’s even a separate folder for Apple Arcade.

Each folder indicates the 3 apps inside the category which you use most often, and you can release the sort of with a tap. A fourth folder spot is taken up with the aid of mini-app icons, and in case you faucet on that place, you could see a view with the whole listing of apps within the category.

So, as an example, if you have more than one game, you’ll see the 3 you play most along with a multi-app icon you may tap to open up the folder with each game you have set up available. Swipe gestures can help you glance through the apps and the class folders.

Hide Home Screen Application

In iOS 14, whole-home display screen pages can be hidden from view, which lets you maintain an easy iPhone interface. Apps are viewable via the App Library whilst hidden in this manner.

To cover home display screen pages, long press on the home display to make the app icons wiggle, and then faucet on the dots at the lowest that represent the distinctive home screen pages you have got set up. From there, you can uncheck the pages you don’t need to see.

In case you need to cover single apps, you could drag them from the home display screen over into the App Library, which gets rid of their icons from the house display view.

Within the Settings app, you could also toggle on a feature that prevents new app downloads from showing up on the home display screen, limiting them to the App Library.

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Compact Phone Call

IOS 14 Feature

Another latest IOS 14 Feature is a compact phone call. Incoming smartphone calls no longer take in the entire display in iOS 14, and as a substitute show up as a small banner on the pinnacle of the display. Swipe up on the banner to disregard it, or swipe down to see extra smartphone options and solution the call.

When your iPhone is locked you may nevertheless see the usual cellphone name interface. However, while it is unlocked, cellphone calls are plenty less tense. This additionally applies to FaceTime calls and third-party VoIP calls, as long as program developers have applied assist for the compact call function.

Siri Search Updates iOS 14 Feature

Siri was redesigned in iOS 14 features, and activating Siri both through physical buttons or via voice commands now not the reason the Siri interface to pop up and take over the complete display with the sound wave design.

Instead, while Siri is activated, there is a small animated Siri brand at the bottom of the iPhone’s display. The various solutions that Siri presents are also shown in banners at the top of the iPhone, so Siri does not interrupt different tasks.

Smarter Siri iOS 14 Feature

iOS 14 Feature

Siri iOS 14 features can answer a broader range of questions than before, so some complex requests that could have previously directed you to the internet now receive direct answers. The Siri in iOS 14 features makes enable us to send an audio message both on the iPhone and when the use of CarPlay, and can percentage an Apple Maps ETA with a contact. Smarter Siri is likewise capable of offer cycling directions for the new biking function in the iOS 14 update.

Search Improvement In iOS 14 Features

Apple improved the range of languages that IOS 14 Features are aware of translation functions, and you could now ask Siri to translate phrases, terms, and sentences in more than sixty-five language pairs. Siri has a more herbal-sounding voice for English (Australia, Pakistan, Ireland, South Africa, and the UK), French, German, Spanish, Chinese language, and Japanese.

Third-Party Apps

Since Apple products come in the market. Apple users always feel trouble while using third-party applications. For the first time in view that iOS 14 features added with third-party applications. Like mail and browser apps may be set because of the default in the region of Mail and Safari. Meaning Chrome customers and people who pick email apps like Spark, Edison, and others can use their favorite apps extra effortlessly.

Messages IOS 14 Features

IOS 14 Feature

There is more than one useful IOS 14 feature available in the Messages app. A lot of which make group chats better. There is new gear for customizing institution conversations with snapshots, Memoji, and Animoji, along with capability and first-class of existence upgrades. The Messages app now lets you choose to see All Messages in a single feed. All Messages from recognized Senders making it simpler to separate messages from people you do know or not. The automated services from messages will recognize it. To get to the option, tap on “Filters” within the essential Message verbal exchange listing. Other messaging IOS 14 Features are:

  1. Pinned Chat
  2. Inlined Replies
  3. Mention any name
  4. Emoji’s in messages

Navigation And Maps

Maps nonetheless appear largely the same, but it has a few useful new IOS 14 features for those who have electric-powered cars and people who like to bike. Of note, the distinctive maps that Apple rolled out in the united states of America final 12 months are coming to additional nations in 2020, together with Canada, Ireland, and the UK. The more recent maps function more specified roads, buildings, parks, marinas, beaches, airports, and extra. In different towns like London and Paris with congestion zones to reduce site visitors. Maps now provides info on congestion sector tolls and alternate routes to keep away from them.

The other maps IOS 14 Features are

  1. Cycling Directions
  2. EV Routes
  3. Guides
  4. Speed Cameras

Health App IOS 14 Feature

Apple introduced many new ISO 14 Features regarding health. Health has multiple new functions. As associated with the Sleep tracking feature that is being delivered in watchOS 7. Many of those skills can also paintings without an Apple Watch. There may be a brand new customizable sleep schedule that lets you select bedtime and wakeup goals. With Apple sending reminders while it is time to sleep. A snooze Mode toggle turns on Do now not Disturb. So that you may not receive text messages or notifications at night.

Additionally, it dims the iPhone’s screen and presentations the date and time. Your alarm for tomorrow, and Wind Down actions which have been installation. Sleep mode can be accessed on top of things middle. But it additionally turns on and turns off primarily based on the sleep agenda you set up. You may pick out special relaxing actions. These actions put together you for sleep. As well as consisting of turning off the lights or launching a meditation app or an app that performs soothing noises. Wind Down enables Sleep mode. The health app also aggregates sleep facts generated through the new sleep monitoring function included in watchOS 7.

Privacy Enhancement ISO 14 Feature

Apple improves privacy protections for its customers with each new release of iOS. IOS 14 features is no exception, making it clearer what info apps collect, requiring more user permission, and providing approaches to use area features without providing precise region information.

App Store Privacy

Apple is creating in its IOS 14 Feature a brand new segment. On every product page for apps on the App save. So that you can offer an easy-to-study precis of privacy practices earlier than you download an app. Developers may be required to self-report their privateness practices. Inclusive of statistics amassed by using the developer and used to song humans.


Whilst an app or widget accesses textual content that has been copied to the clipboard. IOS 14 Feature gives a notification so you can recognize what apps are accessing. The textual content stored at the clipboard.

Tracking Control

Developers must get explicit consumer consent earlier than monitoring you with their apps. So you can choose the apps that have permission to tune you. Additionally, you may decline not to allow apps to request to track you at all. The “permit Apps to Request to music” option inside the privacy segment of the Settings app.

Location Find out

For apps that need your vicinity to function. Such as those that provide the weather. You can now pick out to proportion an approximate vicinity rather than your unique vicinity. That permits you to get the info you want, but it maintains the app from knowing precisely where you are.

Wifi Privacy ISO feature

While you connected with wi-fi,  an option to “Use private address” to prevent network operators from tracking your iPhone. The putting may be observed inside the Settings app beneath wireless while selecting the wireless community you are linked to. Apple may also provide a warning whilst connecting to a wireless network that doesn’t use the non-public deal with characteristic.

Private Image Security ISO 14 Feature

Whilst an app requests get the right of entry to the Image Library. There may be not a need to allow the app to get entry to all your images. IOS 14 helps you to pick out to dam get access to. And allow get access to, or pick specific snapshots that the app is able to view. In iOS 14 feature, if an app is using either the microphone or the digicam for recording functions. A small mild is seen at the pinnacle of the display subsequent to the cellular signal bar.

Further ISO 14 Features Are:

  1. Car Key IOS 14 Feature
  2. Car Play
  3. Play Your Airpods
  4. App Clips
  5.  Camera & Photos
  6. Facetime
  7. ShortCuts

IOS 14 Release Date

Primarily based on beyond releases. IOS 14 could be formally be released within the fall of 2020. Probably in September along with new iPhones, if new iPhones are available in September in 2020.



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