iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows – Best RAW Partition Data Recovery

Summary: iBoysoft Data Recovery is the most flexible data recovery software out there. No matter what the data loss scenario is or what type of data you want to recover, the software gets you covered.

Data is always prone to losses. No matter how careful you are, data losses will always remain a constant in the industry. One of the most common causes of data loss is the RAW partition. This usually happens when the drive file system is damaged or corrupted. In such scenarios, you will need help from data recovery software. Data recovery software is powered by powerful algorithms capable of penetrating the drive deepest corner and fetching all the data.

When a drive becomes RAW, that doesn’t mean all the data is lost; it simply means that your system does not have the right file system to comprehend the drive.

What Is RAW?

To be specific, the RAW file system is the default file system that you get when you buy a new CD-ROM. Do you remember how you first needed to format the CD-ROM before using it to store data?

There are many reasons why a hard drive is RAW; the most common understanding would be that the hard drive is not formatted with the NTFS file system (A standard file system for the Windows operating system).

When a drive becomes RAW, the only way to fix the drive without losing its data is by using data recovery software. Although the market is filled with hundreds of data recovery software, only a few data recovery software caters to a full range of data recovery services. One such software is iBoysoft Data Recovery.

Best Data Recovery Software – iBoysoft Data Recovery

iBoysoft Data Recovery is a software developing company that develops software for computer management and data security. Since its first step into the market, it has tried its best to give something new and better to the audience’s table.

After using iBoysoft Data Recovery for a couple of months, we found a cost-effective solution to all your needs. It also caters its services to macOS users, making it even more effective in the data recovery industry.

What Makes iBoysoft Data Recovery the Best?

Here, we have listed down only the most common ones that matter to everyone regarding data recovery.

1. Easy-To-Use Interface

With every software, everybody wants a simple basic design with all the tools you need. And that is what you get from the iBoysoft data recovery software. It has a simple-to-use software interface that even newbies can understand clearly. And if you have never used data recovery software, iBoysoft Data Recovery has a support team that will help you out with your first data recovery process.

2. Support the Latest Operating System

Most data recovery software shows limited flexibility when it comes down to supporting different operating system versions. Well, if you are using iBoysoft Data Recovery, you do not have to worry about such trivial thighs. iBoysoft data recovery software supports almost all Windows OS that is being used in the market. Moreover, the software is also professional on Mac data recovery.

3. Supports 1000+ Data Types

This feature is intriguing. Data recovery software like stellar have limited features and support only a handful of data types when it comes down to recovery. But iBoysoft Data Recovery offers more than 1000+ types of data. So, whether your data is images, videos, GIFs, Text, word file, PDF, and so on are so forth, iBoysoft Data Recovery can recover all.

4. It’s Safe

We know that most people restrict themselves from downloading recovery software during the possibility of malware infection. Rest assured, iBoysoft data recovery software is safe and clean to be installed. It does not affect your system in any way.

5. Free 1GB

This is more like a free add-on than a feature, but most people get influenced by this feature. Most data recovery software gives free data recovery services in megabytes; iBoysoft Data Recovery offers its customers 1GB free data recovery.


iBoysoft Data Recovery is the most flexible data recovery software out there. No matter what the data loss scenario is or what type of data you want to recover, this tool got you covered. In addition to that, iBoysoft Data Recovery guarantees you 100% data recovery, provided you take immediate action right after the data loss event has taken place.

All in all, one thing is certain: iBoysoft Data Recovery is one of the top data recovery software that people and companies trust to take care of their data recovery strategy.

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