How To Set Up Disboard Bot To Grow Your Discord Server In 2023


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Disboard is the highly recognized and best tool for SEO. Over the 3.4 million monthly traffic urges google searches to link with it. With such a heavy volume of traffic yet many people are not well aware of getting benefits from disboard. Being SEO experts, you would love to get the most out of Disbord by finding the best server for Discord.

In this article, you will learn how to install the Disboard-bot in order to expand your Discord community. Let’s dive in and start working.

How you may grow your disboard server?

If you’re looking for a place to find Discord servers, DISBOARD is your best bet. Its success can largely be ascribed to the fact that it ranks well in the results of Google searches relating to Discord. Although DIS-BOARD receives plenty of visitors, many system administrators still don’t have the knowledge they need to benefit from the platform entirely. You can grow your Disboard server traffic by

  1. Bumping
  2. Tagging
  3. Description

How To Set Up Disboard-Bot

It would help if you had an existing server to set up the disboard bot for promotion before you can put it up. Don’t forget to look at our tutorial on making a Discord server if you haven’t already. Once everything is done, you can add your server to the Disboard website. To accomplish that, use the instructions below. Moreover, for the Livelink, you can visit the official disboard website.

Steps To Add A Discord Server

  1. As the first step, visit the official website, as mentioned above.
  2. If it’s your first visit, make your account and confirm the authorization
  3. From the dashboard of your screen, select the option anointed “Add New Server”, and click on it to add your server.
  4. As you have done, a separate pop-up window will appear on your screen. Here, select one of the servers that you hold. Select the server you want to add to Disboard
  5. Once you have selected your server, you need to add some information to describe the server to people who potentially want to join. Add your server language, Category, and relevant tags to the server. You can then give your server a compelling description to entice people to join.
    Remember: You should use the NSFW option if your server allows adult content. Make sure the Public option is selected if you want your server to be discoverable.
  6. Now click on the save button to add a server to your dashboard. Disboard will request your permission to access your server, at which point you can confirm or deny that permission. To proceed, please click Continue for Authorization.
  7. Now your server is added to your disboard site.

How To Add Disboard Bot On Your Server

The next step is to add a disboard bot on your server. To go further, follow the steps given below:

  1. Simply go to your Disboard’s “Your Servers” page and select your server.
  2. After selecting of server, click on the “Add bot” option
  3. After successfully adding the disboard bot, you must enter your server settings and set up some necessary permission. To invite someone to your server’s “Welcome Channel,” go to the server’s chat and type “/invite,” followed by your message. Change [Welcome Channel] to the name of the channel where you’d like new members to be directed.
  4. Modifying your invite link and adding the Disboard Bot to your server is complete.

Can we bump a server on the disboard?

Yes, you can bump a server on the disboard. You can “bump” your server every two hours on Disboard. If you try to bump before the two-hour mark has been achieved, the bot will tell you how much time has passed since the last bump in the conversation. 
To bump a server on the disboard, Enter your discord server and go to a specific channel. Just type /bump and press enter button in the conversation to boost the message. The Disboard server list has been sorted so that your server appears first. This increases the likelihood that others will join. Bumping your server can be done over its dedicated channel. Anyone can do it if the server has not been bumped in a while.

Concluding Remarks

Now you are capable to install the disboard-bot, and we’re hopeful that you’re enabled to improve the volume of your discord-server. You may attract more users to your server if you bump it frequently. You can gain new players by advertising your server on Disboard if it is appealing enough.


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