How To Remove Pop Socket? Simple Steps Guide

How To Remove Pop Socket

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Popsockets are a popular phone accessory, especially among young people. They’re ideal for holding your phone with one hand while placing it on a flat surface with the other. You’ll need to remove the pop socket from your existing device if you wish to change your phone or cover. We’ve included a step-by-step guide on How To Remove Pop Socket in the simplest way possible in this article.

What are PopSockets?

A pop socket is a round plastic phone accessory that attaches to the backside of the phone. The Popsocket comes with adhesive material that clings to your phone. The name Pop Socket comes from the fact that you can pull them out twice, like a little accordion.

It provides a firm grip, allowing you to handle your phone with one hand. You may also use them to watch your favourite movie or TV show on your smartphone as a stand-alone device.

Can Pop Sockets Be Re-Used?

Some pop socket adhesives are created in a way that allows them to be reused. Aside from that, they’re just a one-time phone accessory. The adhesive coating on a pop socket will be gone when you remove it.

What are the advantages of using Pop sockets?

Pop sockets are phone accessories that will not harm your phone if used properly. They enhance the naturalness of your phone using experience in general. Are you thinking about investing in a pop socket for your phone?
These are some of the reasons why you should buy these items:

  • They give your Smartphone an extra grip and a stable grip while you’re outside.
    It is particularly useful for those who have a Smartphone with a larger screen.
  • Popsockets allow you to take picture-perfect selfies. Our hands generally stutter when we take a picture. Using a pop socket, you can capture a spectacular snapshot for your social media post.
  • Pop sockets can be used as a smartphone stand as well. By leaning your iPhone in landscape mode, you can watch your favourite movie uninterrupted.

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How To Remove Pop Socket

Now that we know what pop sockets are and some of the advantages they bring, let’s move on to the second segment. Taking a pop socket out is a straightforward process. When you pull them off, they normally have an adhesive material that doesn’t attach to your skin.

The following are the steps for removing the pop socket.

  • Place your pop socket against the back of your phone twice.
  • As much as possible, lift the pop socket away from your phone. You can use your fingers, cardboard, or any other solid material during the operation. Make sure you try things from different perspectives.
  • Carefully pull the Pop socket away from your smartphone.
  • Remove any residual gel from the phone’s rear (or case). Soak the pop socket in tap water for 3-4 minutes before using it a second time.
  • This is the most straightforward way to remove the pop socket from your device. If you remove it with too much force, you risk damaging the colour of your phone. Simply rinse the pop socket for one hour before using it again. After following the steps, your phone will be clear of any pop sockets. You can now use it on a different case or add it to your favourites list.

Also, take a look at the FAQ

Is the Pop Socket Waterproof? Is the Pop Socket Waterproof?

Watertight pop sockets are available. The adhesive is usually waterproof and has a long shelf life.

Is it possible to utilise Pop Socket in a car?

Automobiles are equipped with special pop sockets. They have a magnetic stage that attaches to your dashboard in seconds.

What is the best way to mend a pop socket If it won’t stay on your phone, what’s the point?

Submerge the pop socket in water for a few seconds. Allow the water on the surface to evaporate before using your smartphone to test it. You can ask for a replacement if the problem persists.

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