How To Make Video Intros For YouTube?

Today, everyone who has anything to sell, say, or build is going online in a big way. Technology, coupled with innovation, can elevate even the most mundane business ideas to a household name. Hence, right from small and medium level entrepreneurs to large corporates, all have a formidable online presence. However, if one is new at this, or is a tech neophyte, there is no need to panic. At InVideo, they have not only the best categories and templates for you to choose from but also a DIY for you to make video intro fun and easy. How To Make Video Intros For YouTube?

Let’s see how:

  • The “why” for the video needs to be crystal clear. Only then will it stand out in an ocean of content available online.
  • Decide a look and theme which permeates throughout the video. This could be seasonal, topical, or something completely abstract.
  • This is also a great time to experiment with your audience’s tastes and choices. Do not be afraid to try out radical ideas. Some may succeed and some may not. Have a backup plan ready.
  • Provide a relevant background as to why this is being done. Always add the personal touch of what InVideo stands for. This connects to people emotionally.
  • It will be potentially the first time people may get introduced to your company or your brand. What do you want the highest recall factor to be? What do you want the maximum repetitive views for? As a brand, product, or service, what will be your key differentiating factor, your value-adding proposition, and the one thing that will make your content unique?
  • Music evokes memories and, subsequently, emotions, in everyone. Decide on an appropriate background score which will underline the theme, but not overpower it. A good idea might be to keep the same pace throughout the video unless the theme is highly dramatic. Then, a high crescendo would be appropriate.’
  • If there are no budgetary constraints, feel free to use VFX effects also. The younger generation today relates more to it.
  • The main crux of the video that you make needs to be clear from the start. There can be no confusion about this, as otherwise, the messaging may potentially be lost.
  • Avoid clichés and commercial claptraps.  
  • How many teaser/trailer introduction videos have there been planned for the launch of each new product or service? Also, at what duration will the videos be released online? Is there a marketing plan in place for this? There needs to be a timeline in place to track trends and capitalize on it from ground zero.
  • Remember, this free online intro maker is just a trailer- the hook to reel in your target audience.
  • Always keep your target audience’s choices, preferences, and economics in mind. For example, if you are an online food service catering to mid-income groups, you cannot have fancy French food like Monsieur Croquet Bake or Cherry Clafoutis priced at two thousand rupees per dish. It needs to be more basic like pizza, tandoori chicken, or sandwiches.
  • Your focus must be on the main products and services that you provide qualitatively, with a marketing plan in place, that will handle the post-launch logistics. 
  • In the video, it would be a good idea to focus on how customer-oriented you are and on post-sales service and follow-ups as well.  
  • If possible, get a celebrity or an online influencer to speak in the video at the start, as nothing grabs repeat views like a well-known celebrity or even a notorious one. 
  • Request the celebrity or influencer to share a personal story if possible, or give them some fun facts and statistics to share. Ask them to make it an interactive session asking their fans questions. This can have a very positive impact. 
  • The video can also include a contest at the start- something pertaining to the product, offering, or service with attractive first, second, and third prizes thrown in. Potentially winning something can incentivize people for repeat views also.
  • For any contest, as part of the logistics, there can be tie-ups with telecom providers and other sponsors for gifts. These can also help in positive publicity even before the product is launched. This can also be mentioned in the video.
  • The introduction video can also link to vlogs (video-blogs), Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other forms of social media which can help in spreading the word across all audience demographics.
  • While the video is being shot, make sure it is a bright, well-lit place, and the background should be quiet with a good echo. If possible, use a digital camera (a DSLR would be great!) and get to work.
  • When circulating the video link in your own personal and professional circles, use the maximum search engine optimization that is allowed for optimal market penetration.
  • Ask friends, family, colleagues, and anyone else you can to see the video on youtube or on any platform that it is on and to “like, share, subscribe, and comment” so that it starts to build traffic towards it.  
  • It is always a good idea to get these videos made by professionals. 
  • The end must always leave your audience wanting more, with their curiosity piqued and waiting for more of the same.
  • It may be a good idea to give your contact details at the end in case anyone would like to get in touch for any further business opportunities.

From the onset, your video must be able to grab eyeballs and the viewers’ attention span like no other! The connection must be instantaneous and organic as that will ensure repeat views and good word-of-mouth publicity. 


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