How To Make Automotive Customers Feel Valued

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The automotive industry has been hit pretty hard by the pandemic. Probably not as hard as some other industries, like travel and hospitality, but the automotive world hasn’t escaped unscathed.

Where Is The Value?

 With fewer people on the roads, and more families concerned about their finances, buying a new car hasn’t been a top priority for many, and this is causing a problem in the automotive world. For many decades, the automotive world had it reasonably easy, cars were a necessary investment for most adults, and repairs will always come in because cars inevitably fail. All of this meant that customer service, although touted as necessary, was rarely ever something that most in the automotive industry gave much of a thought to.

 Things are changing, though, and customers coming back to the industry after the last year will be looking towards automotive businesses to provide customer service as well as quality products.

Make Things Convenient

 One of the essential things that customers look for, whether they’re buying a new car or getting their current car repaired, is convenience.  Needing to spend a whole day waiting around isn’t great, especially if your car is currently with the repair service and you can’t go anywhere. Likewise, if you’re buying a new car and picking it up, this can be a problem as it creates extra stress for customers.

 Investing in some options to make life more convenient for customers, such as vehicle home delivery on new cars and courtesy cars when theirs is being repaired, is a great way to add a little value to their day and improve your reviews, ratings through exemplary customer service.

Be Honest About Pricing

 That adage of honesty is always the best policy couldn’t be more true when it comes to the automotive industry. Traditionally customers buying cars, especially used cars, have assumed that the salespeople are not honest. Likewise, when they take their car in for repair, there’s an assumption that they are being overcharged or that there will be hidden costs. You can mitigate this and build some good customer karma by being honest and upfront about your pricing from the very start and telling your customers exactly what they are getting for their money.

 If they’re buying a used car, make sure they know the entire history that you have, if it’s a new car, don’t hide any final payments in the small print, and if you’re doing repairs, given them a proper estimate rather than a very vague ballpark figure.

Throw In Some Added Extras

 No matter what your automotive business is, there is always room to throw in some unexpected but very welcomed added extras. These needn’t be expensive either. If your customer is buying a new car, throw in the mats for the floor as standard but make them feel special by saying congratulations when they come to pick up their new vehicle. It’s the quiet little things that really make a difference for customers.

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