How to Hire a Professional Cross Country Moving Company

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Have you been thinking about transferring to another state lately? You might have a job offer in the other part of the country, or your spouse may have just got transferred there. Whatever the reason is, you need to hire a professional cross country moving company for this enormous task. It’s not as simple as it shows, and if you don’t get one that can do a good job, then all your stuff will arrive at your new home damaged and in pieces.

This article covers how to find an excellent cross-country mover from start to finish so that whatever happens with your move, it won’t be because of a lack of preparation on your end!

Negotiate with the Movers

One of the primary tips for hiring a company to move your belongings across the country is negotiation. A better deal will result in lower costs and more affordable rates. This means you can only win by having your negotiation skills negotiation work to your advantage. negotiation

Know your budget and the areas of the country you plan to relocate to. If a moving company seems too expensive for you, contact them and be candid about your financial limitations. This may also be a suitable time to mention that you’ve received quotes from other reputable nationwide movers.

It is pretty essential to remember that you can get discounts when hiring movers. Some companies may have a discount available for specific customers. Spending a few minutes looking online for coupons may help you save some money.

Even if you get a firm no as an answer, don’t give up. Sometimes the company’s management will change their mind in a day or two. With the market still on shaky ground, you may be able to negotiate with this moving company representative. Remember, there is nothing to lose here- try it.

Do Research on Movers

The best advice for hiring movers is to do your research before making a choice. While comparing moving estimates of different cross country moving companies, be sure to evaluate the potential movers by checking their background and reviews. All Interstate moving firms must be appropriately licensed to transport merchandise from one state to another, as mandated by the USDOT. This ensures that they have proper insurance coverage and procedures in place. To ensure you are hiring a reputable company, find one that has the USDOT number.

See All the Red Flags While Hiring Movers

Unfortunately, not all professional cross country moving company are honest and reliable businesses. Therefore, you need to exercise caution if a rogue mover attempts to cheat you with their rates by quoting lowball prices or claims like “only one man required” when it would indeed take two men on the job (per agreement).

To avoid dishonest moves, you should be alerted when hiring movers and packers.

Refused In-home estimates: Price estimates can vary wildly, so never accept one over the phone or via email rather than accept calculations based on estimators’ assessment, request on-site surveys. If a mover cannot come to your house for an in-person estimate, then you should not use them.

Lower estimates: The most common scam that movers use is to give a lowball estimate for the cost of your cross-country move. The prices are so low that they appear low-quality. Dishonest movers use this as a tactic to gain more moving jobs by demanding higher prices once they have your household items.

Review Estimates

You may think your decision will be simple as you collect moving cost estimates. It’s not always as easy as you think.

The essential tips for hiring the best moving company would advise you to not only look at prices quoted in estimates. However, it is necessary not to fall for low-cost services. However, the decision you make must be based on more factors than just your budget.

Compare the moving companies’ estimates you receive, and be sure to note:

Final price: The first thing you will notice is the total price.

Additional services: A company’s services and associated rates should be considered a deciding factor in hiring.

Movers’ reputation: A good reputation cannot be ignored in the hiring process of professional movers. To find the perfect cross country moving company, you should research and check the reviews online.

Request Inventory Check

Picking a moving firm for the first time can be stressful, primarily when you’re tasked with estimating pricing. And you may decide the most economical way to get quotes from professionals is either over the phone or via email.

Before hiring a mover, one word of warning: do not accept moving quotes unless they are issued after a site visit is conducted in your own home.

Likely, you don’t know the details about your home furniture, so you must have movers deliver an inventory list before they show up. Consequently, the moving cost estimates you get won’t be accurate.

Before picking a moving company, ask them to send representatives from their operations to your residence for a visual inspection. If a moving company rejects to do an inventory check, you should also refuse to hire them. To issue accurate moving estimates, the best companies will insist on visiting customers’ homes.


Whether you are planning to relocate across the country or need help with your cross-town relocation, selecting a professional moving organization is the best way to ensure that all of your belongings arrive reliably and securely at their destination. We have compiled some helpful advice about what questions you should ask potential movers before signing on with them, as well as suggestions on how to prepare ahead of time so that everything goes smoothly when it’s time for the big day! Use our moving tips for a successful move.

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