How to Get Started with the Openfit Nutrition Plan

How many times have you heard the old saying, “great results start in the kitchen?” But with today’s busy lives and the constant temptation of processed “fast foods,” it’s not always easy to eat a balanced diet that’s designed to help keep you healthy and on-track with reaching your fitness goals.

For a lot of people, knowing what to eat — and how much of it to eat – can feel a little complex.

“There are a lot of fad diets out there that throw complicated and restrictive rules at you, trying to make healthy eating sound like some kind of trade secret,” says Openfit Nutrition Manager and Registered Dietitian Andrea N. Giancoli MPH, RD. “But it’s really pretty simple: Eat a balance of healthy things, and don’t eat too much. That’s all there is to it!”

Keeping that simple advice squarely in mind, Giancoli and her team created the Openfit Nutrition Plan to provide you with easy-to-follow, daily guidance on how to eat to stay healthy and get the results you want.


How Does the Openfit Nutrition Plan Work?

Instead of weighing you down with confusing rules or asking you to meticulously count calories, the Openfit Nutrition plan gives you the tools you need to eat a balanced diet, no matter what obstacles life may throw in your way.

To begin with, your eating options are from just four food groups: Fruits and Vegetables, Proteins, Fats, and Other Carbohydrates. Depending on how many calories you eat each day (more on that below), you’ll get a certain number of “blocks” for each food group.

Each food group has its own extensive food list so you can build your own healthy meal plan the way you want it. “We don’t tell you exactly what to eat,” Giancoli says. “Our plan points you in the right direction, while giving you the freedom to eat the foods you love, on your terms.”



How to Start the Openfit Nutrition Plan

Ready to get started? Just follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Scroll down to the “Program Resources” section on your fitness program home page and open the document called, “How to Find Your Nutrition Plan.” Answer a few simple questions and it will point you toward one of six downloadable nutrition plans with your target calorie range.

Step 2: Once you’ve downloaded your nutrition plan, turn to Page 4 to see: “Here’s How It Works.” That’s where you’ll find out how many blocks of each of the four Openfit food groups you’ll get to enjoy every day.

Step 3: Now comes the fun part . Using the food lists on Page 12, you can build your meals by using any and all of the food items. You have tons of choices, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

That’s all there is to it! You’ll have everything you need to start planning your own meals. If you need inspiration, be sure to see Page 5 of the guide, where you’ll find a full sample week of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes for every day of the week. There are also suggestions for sauces, herbs, and spice blends that will make your food delicious, and simple food prep techniques that will make meal planning easy.


Openfit Supplements - Recovery and Fuel

What About the Openfit Workout Supplements?

Don’t worry, your plan also gives you information on Openfit Fuel Pre-Workout Formula and Openfit Recovery Post-Workout Formula, and how to incorporate them into your routine.

Openfit Fuel helps give you a focused burst of energy before you exercise, so you can attack every workout with max effort. When you’re done working out, make a shake of Openfit Recovery for optimal muscle recovery and growth, to help reduce exercise-induced soreness.

The nutrition plan shows you how to incorporate the Openfit supplements into your routine. For example, you’ll want to count Openfit Recovery post-workout formula as one of your protein blocks.


Why Should You Follow the Openfit Nutrition Plan?

Living a healthy life and reaching your goals involves more than just working out. A healthy eating plan is crucial to your success — it provides you with the energy you need to get the most out of your workouts, and it gives you the building blocks you need to recover after your workout.

To begin your Openfit journey, look for your nutrition plan under the Program Resources section of your fitness program, and download your appropriate Nutrition Plan PDF so you can get started today.

“The goal of Openfit is to make healthy living simple,” says Giancoli. “By making a few changes in nutrition and following the Openfit Nutrition Plan, we can help you reach your goals and get the results you’re after healthfully. And that’s what we’re here to do.”

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