How To Connect AirPod To Chromebook In 2021

How To Connect AirPod To Chromebook

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If you were worried about How To Connect AirPod To Chromebook, and wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the AirPods frenzy, you can relax. Both your Apple AirPods and Google Chromebook can communicate with each other wirelessly thanks to Bluetooth technology.  AirPods, despite being made by Apple, is compatible with other Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as a Peloton.

To get your AirPods to work with your Chromebook, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Your Chromebook’s Bluetooth settings will let you connect your AirPods.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth pairing in the lower right corner of your screen and push the little button on the back of your AirPods case to link.

Connecting a Chromebook to an AirPods

Theoretically, the answer to How To Connect AirPod To Chromebook is straightforward, but the experience isn’t quite as frictionless as it is with an Apple computer. Chrome OS, on the other hand, is optimized for usage with a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including earphones such as the Apple AirPods. As with AirPods, your Chromebook should be able to utilize them because they were designed to be used with devices other than Apple’s. Continue reading to learn how to connect AirPods with Chromebooks and what to do if they don’t work.

How to connect AirPods with Chromebook

Let’s try and follow the steps to answer your query that How To Connect AirPod To Chromebook:

  1. Open the network menu in the lower right corner of your Chromebook by clicking the network/WiFi logo beside your clock and battery logos. This will allow you to connect AirPods to your Chromebook wirelessly.
  2. The Bluetooth icon should have an arrow next to it so you can turn it on from there. Instead of a dark grey background, the Bluetooth logo will be blue if it is on.
  3. As soon as Bluetooth is turned on, a list of discoverable Bluetooth devices will be displayed. Your AirPods should now be shown in the device list. Your AirPods should automatically detect other Bluetooth-enabled devices when you press the “pair” button on the rear of the case.
  4. The AirPods should now appear in your Bluetooth devices list after you’ve done this.

You should be able to choose the AirPods via a headphone icon in the devices list if you have them connected.
You’ll get a pop-up option that says “Paired Devices” once you pick the AirPods. This means your AirPods and Chromebook are now officially connected.

Verifying that your Chromebook and AirPods are connected

This is the second method Your Chromebook should now list your AirPods in the “Paired Devices” menu,. Confirming that they are linked and recognized by the Chromebook if you followed the previous procedures to pair them. Once your Airpods are linked, you’ll see a message on Chrome OS saying, “Bluetooth device ‘Name of Your Airpods’ has been paired and is now available to all users.” You may unpair your AirPods from your Chromebook by going to “Settings” and removing the pairing.

With Bluetooth off on your Chromebook or the Airpod case button held down, you can re-discover your Airpods on other devices at any time.

AirPods and Chromebooks: Frequently Asked Questions

Most Chromebooks support Apple Airpods, however, some have had trouble getting them to function properly.
In addition to being compatible with Apple computers. Apple’s wireless Bluetooth earphones may also be used with a variety of other devices outside of the company’s ecosystem.

It doesn’t matter if you have an HP Chromebook or a Google Pixelbook Go, Chromebooks are notoriously difficult to pair with Apple Airpods and frequently fail to connect, synchronize, or even play audio when they are. Every Chromebook is unique, so not all solutions will work when trying to connect your AirPods to your Chromebook. As a result, we advise you to always have a cheap pair of wired headphones on hand as well.

Several workarounds exist that may allow you to utilize AirPods with your Chromebook even if they don’t work for every Chromebook.

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Chromebook and AirPods are unable to communicate.

If your AirPods won’t connect to your Chromebook, turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone, MacBook, or any other device. You’re using your AirPods to start troubleshooting the problem. So that you can link your Chromebook with your AirPods, make sure they’re not connected to any other devices.

It’s also a good idea to try connecting your Chromebook with another Bluetooth device to see if it helps identify whether or not your Chromebook is having problems connecting to your AirPods.
Some Chromebook users who couldn’t get their AirPods to connect to the Chromebook before did so by first connecting to another device and then reconnecting their Chromebook to their AirPods.

If that doesn’t work, you can try putting the AirPods in their case, shutting it, and holding the pair button on the case for 15 seconds to reset them.
You’ll see amber and green light flash on the AirPods’ case, which means you’ve successfully reset them. Now you can try pairing them with your Chromebook once more.

When using AirPods with a Chromebook, audio stops playing or skips.

If your AirPods connect correctly, but there are audio issues, you may be able to fix How To Connect AirPod To Chromebook by enabling Newblue, a Bluetooth stack that can be enabled under one of Chrome OS’s flags.

Newblue can be enabled by going to chrome:/flags/#newblue and selecting “enable.”
When you’re finished, restart your Chromebook to make the flag active.
Several AirPods users have reported success using this method to fix audio problems including skipping or connections that don’t play audio at all.

Audio is out of sync when using AirPods with a Chromebook.

It’s been reported that covering one or both of your AirPods while using your Chromebook will cause the audio to play in mono or only one side of stereo, depending on the difficulty you’re experiencing. AirPods will re-pair and become synchronized once you expose one or both of the earbuds.

Putting one AirPod back into the case and returning it to your ear for a few seconds should fix the problem.
This approach, like the previous, involves removing and re-connecting one of the AirPods in order to correct the out-of-sync audio.

When Chromebooks and AirPods fail to work together

It’s possible that your AirPods aren’t compatible with your Chromebook. In which case you’ll want to test out another set of wireless earbuds or wired headphones. You could try using your AirPods with a Chromebook. But most customers have had success using their AirPods on a Chromebook. So it’s worth attempting some of the adjustments listed above before you go any further.

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