How is Cisco Certificated Network Association-CCNA good for Career?

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The Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certification has become the most popular IT certification in the world. The core focus of the certificate lies on developing relevant skills to match the rapid deployment of technologies in today’s sophisticated networking environment. Hold of a CCNA certification proves that you can build on core networking skills.

If asked by someone to mention some cornerstone IT certifications, CCNA most likely will be on the list. CCNA is a short form of Cisco Certified Network Associate and is considered to be the entry point to Cisco’s certification system. Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions is the official name of the exam required to obtain CCNA.

The CCNA underwent a significant revision in 2020 as almost every Cisco certification has. The new version would require only one exam from you, after which you will obtain a paper that will certify your familiarity with routing and switching technologies, general networking fundamentals, security as well as other relevant networking topics, Wide Area Networks (WAN) and wireless networks, which would also consist of programmability and automation.

The targeted audience of CCNA.

According to Cisco, the CCNA certification targets individuals who wish to go into job roles like network support engineers and network administrators. Some new topics will help the CCNA technician to work better together with the software developers. Getting CCNA-certified is considered an excellent move if you wish to have a career in networking, especially enterprise networking because Cisco is the dominant leader in that industry currently.

Moreover, the CCNA certification is not only for those who desire to make their career in the networking field, there are examples of system administrators who are CCNA-certified as have a better understanding regarding the networks that their servers would be working correctly.

It is argued that the CompTIA Network+ certification is chosen as a better fit for non-network people since it is believed to be more vendor-neutral; however CCNA certification also covers networking fundamentals properly.

Comparing CCNA to other networking certifications

Cisco is one of the most known and respected companies in the IT field, especially when it comes to networking. The CCNA certification is going to be about general networking, hence it is considered to be suitable for everyone who wishes to begin studies in this area. It is greatly  Cisco-specific in specific sectors but we can overlook this fact as there are not a lot of entry-level networking certifications that compare to it.

Is CCNA good for a career?

A lot of people have been asked if getting a CCNA certification is worth it. CCNA is not just a certificate that matters but also the practical knowledge which will be reflected by its acquisition. Unfortunately, there are people who commit fraud by taking the exam and gaining a qualification by just learning enough stuff to go for the test and pass. This, however, is not going to make much sense, as it will immediately reflect in your workplace that you do not have enough understanding of the concepts behind your certification.

Why Get a CCNA?

Following are the reasons why getting a CCNA certification is worth your getting,

Prove you’re a Qualified Candidate

Training and certification programs are a critical part of recruiting and hiring people for specialized networking roles as shown in a recent survey done by Cisco through Forrester Consultants. It was also found that professional certifications come second after four-year degrees as it is the requirement for job qualification. Certifications were said to be 49% and the degree 51%, which makes CCNA certifications one of the determinants that hiring managers all overuse to find the top talent.

Experience a Unique Learning Network

The Cisco Learning Network is the very first of its kind where a social network, a widely explored platform is used for learning. It is a Web 2.0 community that features wikis, blogs, collaboration, document sharing, and so on. The network provides a wealth of services that is available to anyone who is looking for training and certification, simulation labs, roadmaps, corporate internships, job listings, employee recruiting and referral, mentorship etc. Cisco Learning Network was specifically developed for people at all levels of knowledge and experience that are interested in a networking career.

Knowledge and Experience

The process of achieving your certification will increase your knowledge and level of experience. The number of years you’ve been in the field does not matter but thing for sure is that you will be learning new stuff that will help boost your career to the next level. yYou will notice several advancements in the industry through the process of certification.

Career Advancement

Adding certifications to your resume or CV can boost your chances of going up the ladder. The CCNA certification is globally recognized and in almost every place you go, your work will be relevant. You might even get a raise once you get your certification.

The Basis for Other Certifications

Having a CCNA certificate qualifies you for more of the Cisco certifications, for example, CCNA Voice, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless, and other expert-level certificates that include CCNP.

Benefits the Employer

You can ask any employer, and they will tell you that certified professionals can work in the competitive field of Information Technology. Holding certifications can tell the employer that you have the knowledge and skills they need.

How can you make sure that you will cover the content which is going required for the exam? There are numerous ways to prepare, that includes self-study, live online training, in-person boot camps, self-paced training courses, etc. However, the method you will be choosing is going to be dependent on a couple of factors, like what your preferred learning style is, the availability of funds, location, and time.


The growing sophistication in networking technologies predicts a worldwide shortage of qualified networking professionals. This is enough reason for you to start your networking career, which can be one with CCNA certification training taught by certified professionals. So, you can get CCNA exam preparation material on Cortland.

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