Essential Social Media Monitoring Tools that You Should Have in 2020

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Social media monitoring is critical for all companies that have been using social media marketing. It is crucial to understand what customers and competitors are saying about your products and services. With an active social monitoring strategy, you will be able to address most of the negative vibes before they become prevalent in your business operations. However, for you to have active social monitoring, you need to use the right social media monitoring tools, some of which have been discussed below.


Brandwatch is one of the social monitoring tools that you can incorporate in your organization because it gives you wide coverage. It can easily monitor social mentions in various platforms on the internet. In most cases, all the mentions in video sites, review sites, social web, and blogs will be detected by Brandwatch. This is an essential monitoring tool that you cannot ignore because it can detect the mentions that do not only occur in written but virtual content as well.


Another important social monitoring tool that companies can consider incorporating in their social media monitoring strategy is Talkwalker. This tool has more than fifty filters that are all designed to filter mentions in various online platforms. The critical benefit of Talkwalker is that it monitors conversation in more than one hundred and fifty data sources. This gives it a cutting edge over other monitoring tools in the industry because it can easily detect sentiments and comments on various platforms.


Reputation management of an organization is an important factor that is helpful in the success of the company. As noted earlier, companies are always engaged in social monitoring to detect negative vibes that can harm the reputation of an organization. Reputology is a social monitoring tool that is essential in helping companies to monitor reputation issues in various online platforms. This tool can easily detect negative vibes on Yelp, Google, and Facebook Review and help the company to refute the claims immediately.


In most cases, most companies are only able to track social mentions when they have been tagged in such mentions. This means that companies have been missing mentions where they have not been tagged. Mentionlytics is solving this problem because it can quickly scan all the mentions of the company even when there are no tags. This tool is essential because it attaches emotional aspects associated with each mention, which will help you to formulate the necessary response concerning the emotion attached.


In the last few years, most of the customers have been making purchase decisions depending on the reviews they get from various review sites. ReviewInc allows you to access more than two hundred popular review sites from more than one hundred countries around the world. It is from these review sites that you can get positive reviews and share them on various social platforms. You can also respond to negative reviews about your product.

Google Alerts

This is one of the most comprehensive social monitoring tools that you can use to monitor and listen to the mentions associated with your brand. Importantly, you can monitor the keywords that are related to your competitors, which will allow you to strike when they are experiencing negative publicity.

If you are looking for social media monitoring tools, you need to work with NetBase. This is an analytical company that understands the best social monitoring tools that you should be using in your company. NetBase can also give you a social monitoring tool that has been customized to meet your specific needs in the industry. With a custom monitoring tool, you will never miss anything to do with your organization.

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