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Download any picture from internet site is a easy task, Just do a right click on picture and after which click download, except you strive downloading an picture from Google docs. Occasionally, Google comes to a decision to make easy matters an awful lot tough, like deleting a image on Google images without dropping it in inner space. So you didn’t find another download option when you do right-click on at the photograph into the Google docs. However, there are few tricks which can help you to download image from google docs. So just focused and check it out.

Simple Way to Download Picture from Google Docs

In case you are on the phone or laptop, you may take a screenshot after which crop the picture. But the quality of the photograph slightly down. So if you are finding to download pics with original pixels. here you just need to follow some steps carefully.

Option 1: Google Keep

  1. Open the picture you want to save
  2. Select that particular image
  3. Do right click and choose option save to keep
  4. You can check image in Google Keep separate window. it will show there
  5. Now just right click on the image and select option “same image as”

Option 2: Publish Your Docs

The second option for downloading image from google docs is to publish your docs and then download it to your device. Here is the way to do,

  1. Go to the file in google docs
  2. Right at top at first bar you can see an option “file” click on it.
  3. A list of options open there, select “publish to the web” from here
  4. Now click “Publish” option. Now go to the image where you publish it and download from there.

Remember, don’t try this method if your document has private or confidential. In my recommendation maximum avoid from this method.

Option 3: Save your image in HTML format

If you have several pictures then i recommend you to keep your folder in html format. it is easier for you to download your images in bulk within no time.  How to do it? just follow the simple method

  1. Go to your google docs and click on your specific file
  2.  Here select the option download> network html.
  3. Automatically your folder start downloading in a archive format.
  4. Now unzip your folder and pick your specific image.

Option 4: Download via Extractor Adds-on

Here is the simplest way through which you can download image. So, follow steps carefully

  1. At first step go to your google docs and then specifically that folder whom you want to download
  2. Now see at top bar there is option Add-ons click on it and Get add-ons
  3. Search image extractor and remover, after that install add-on to google docs
  4. As installation has done, again go to the add-ons option, from there select image extractor and remover, and further select the option “don’t remove but safe to the drive”. it will save the image which is connected with your google docs. The diagram of your activity is as. “Click on Add-on> image extractor and remover> don’t remove but safe to the drive”.

Option 5: Download Google image on Phone

You can download google image on your phone. You don’t need to follow lengthy ways keep the things quite simple.

  1. Open browser from your phone
  2. Here, set your browser at desktop mode.
  3. As desktop mode appears repeat option 4.

Final Words

Its quite pathetic that google has missed a little option of save image in your device. Though people find out different other ways but they are quite tricky and insafe. In this article we inform you easy way to download image from google docs. Hope our effort helps you in this regard.

Have a nice day
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