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Time Management Tips

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Management of time is a skill as not all project managers in an organization can keep a record of the time each resource has invested in a project. It is never easy to manage time as wastage of time is very common among all the workers whether he or she is a permanent or a freelancer. To learn Time Management Tips you need to invest some time to prepare a plan in setting the goals and the timelines. Failing to achieve those timelines could indicate that they are not making the best out of their time.

Hence you can take action. Permanent employees believe that they are under surveillance in each moment so most of the time they show the results. To keep the record of virtual workers you need some plan prepared at least 2 days prior so that you could have more time to review their work. The requirement for keeping an eye on the time of virtual assistant is necessary. The reason being is the distance or the physical existence of that person at your workplace. In this article, Carina Advisors Shares some tips which can help you in tracking the time.

Carina Advisors Time Management Tips

#1. Get a tool to track the time and tasks 

Tools are always the best choice if you are willing to know how many tasks have been completed in the entire day. By this, you can even see how much increase in efficiency has happened. Moreover, You can easily trace the reason of late or busy. Some cool tools are free of cost and some charge a small amount. With the help of these tools, you can manage your time or even the time of your entire team.

For example – Jira is a tool that charges a small amount from you and in return gives you a tool that is next to something you could ever imagine. In this tool, you are asked to make tickets that are considered as your tasks, and then you can set the time by which you want that to be closed. Once you are done with all the tasks of your entire day then you are been presented with a chart states that what was your velocity. This can help you enhance your velocity next time whenever you feel like improving efficiency.


Feedback plays a vital role when it comes to time management. As a virtual worker, there are always more hours or even energy is there. Someone having complete knowledge and capabilities can get productivity even better than a permanent employee.  The feedback helps them achieve their targets regularly and stick to their action plans.

#3.Cost efficiency

The cost efficiency is always high in the case of a virtual worker but the opposite is also true if you are not managing time plus the scope of work properly. You always need to negotiate on time as indirectly that is linked to money. The lesser time you will finalize the lesser would be easy for you to recognize.

#4.Prioritize you work

You need to prioritize your work bases upon the requirement of the client. This is so important that according to a report of Forbes it has been clearly stated that if you are nor prioritizing the tasks then you waste 30 percent of your time. This happens because you struggle to get the right work to start with.

#5. Try to use text tools 

It is always advised that you should do video or audio calls only in case when you are stuck with a lot of confusion. If you feel like that you can resolve the query through SMS then go for it as this will save time. Hence management of time will also become efficient. Calls are good when you need to decide what you need to do and if is all about minor discussions then prefer mails or SMS.

Ending Note On Time Management Tips

Above mentioned Time Management Tips are the ways upon which you can rely so that you could increase your efficiency easily. Reward yourself each time you successfully meet your targets and this is the best way to keep yourself motivated and keep going. We hope these tips will for sure help you better utilization of your time.

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