Five Best Online Shopping Store In 2020

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Shopping trend has also change with the advancement in technology. Online shopping is a fashion of this living time. Now people ranked online shopping store on the basis of their product quality, time delivery and after sale services. Some of them famous are like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and others. According to the survey over 1.8 billion people shop online of worth over 3.5 trillion US dollar.

Furthermore, These online stores create new business opportunities and become far more competitive by their market share and business volume. This is not the ultimate with the advancement in technology this sector evolve new heights, trends with smarter websites and best after sales services like delivery tracking, online video calling, product identification etc. Globally top five online shopping stores from where you can buy everything by sitting in your home.

Best Online Shopping Store In 2020


Online Shopping Store
Online Shopping Store

Amazon is one the largest and oldest online shopping store started by Mr. J. Bezos and now currently amazon has captured over 50% of the market share worldwide. 2.36 billions visitors make amazon world no 1 online shopping store in 2020. Amazon currently have all products from small bookstore to largest homemade items. You can purchase everything you want just to go on Currently many of largest film producers, business tycoons wants that amazon sell their products on top of their web page. Amazon has salient feature of cash-return offers. Amazon also establish its amazon app to make their services more comfortable for the clients.


Online Shopping Store
Online Shopping Store

Right after success of Amazon, Mr. P. Omidyar started his online store in 1995 with name of eBay. eBay is currently now second largest online shopping store with 810 Million visitors. However, eBay is world recognized but mostly eBay is famous in USA where its market share is 71.18% of total online shopping.

eBay offers clients to become a seller of useless, wasted items of their places. Customer can find each item of different categories from smaller to largest item. Furthermore, eBay create its online shopping application for connivance of its client. eBay largest benefit is this that it’s create bargaining opportunity for buyer and sellers.

Online Shopping Store
Online Shopping Store

Nearly 680 Million visitors’ worldwide is 3rd largest online store in ranking of E-commerce and shopping market. is more famous in Russia where its cover over 24% market share of online shopping. Rest in Brazil 5.73%, USA 5.20%, in span and France in between 4-5%. Aliexpress founded in 2009 by Alibaba group of china. Ali express portals of business-to-consumer, client -to-client and cloud computing make him distinguish to other online stores. In contrast to amazon, Aliexpress prove platform to even individuals for selling of their product and earn some cash. Discounts, coupon offers promotions are famous in clients of


Company Walmart is oldest store established in 1962 by Mr. Sam Walton. Currently, till October. The store has over 11,000 stores and clubs in different countries. furthermore 440 Million visitors of Walmart make him one of the largest revenue holder company worth over 514 billion US dollars makes him 29th world largest organization according to report of Forbes. Walmart 94% out of total sale is from USA while other sale from Canada, India, China and Mexico. Walmart introduced many brands, small stores and many social activities.


In 1902 founded Good fellow Dry Goods Company in USA has ninth largest retailing company in the country. However, Target cooperation started his online business in January 2000, with the name of Target coperations. Now Over 222 Million people visit target online stores and its scored 20th rank in e-commerce and shipping market ranks. World famous many brands like Good & Gather, Archer farms, Market pantry, Health and hand, Pillow fort, Cloud island, Project 62 and many more introduce by Target corporation

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