Benefits of Timber Matting in Heavy Construction Sites

There may be several construction sites that have problems with the terrain you are working on. If you are looking to tackle a problem, timber matting is an excellent choice for you. They not only help create a stable construction site but also help protect the site. The cost-benefit and environmental impact are definitely on your side. However, there are far more benefits of timber matting that companies don’t always consider.

On this website, We have listed down the benefits and why should they be used on construction sites?

Uses Of Timber Matting

Timber matting is used in many significant projects. Such as

  1. Roads for access to power lines.
  2. Accessible path for pipeline construction.
  3. Logging project for wooden pads and roads.
  4. Conventional work platform for heavy equipment.
  5. Temporary walks in environmentally sensitive work areas

Benefits Of Timber Matting

  • Working in wet areas creates great difficulty moving the machine over rough and marshy terrain. It is best to use a wooden plinth to grip and reduce the chance of your expensive equipment getting into the mud.
  • Another benefit of using wooden plinths in humid areas is flexibility and comfort because they can pass through swamps, dirt, and unstable soil without building permanent structures.
  • Timber Matts is an excellent alternative to building permanent structures when planning construction or maintenance projects in wetlands. In logging situations, you will often need to move your mining equipment into a stream to get the job done.
  • Cost-effective solution

Specifications Of Timber Matts

Wood mats are made of mixed solid wood. Made for safety reasons, they all have a narrow slot, a countersunk nut, and a long screw cut to the base level. Wooden mats are up to 28 feet long by 8 feet wide and stabilize floors under large equipment, distribute heavy loads, and keep equipment stable.


  1. Width: 24 “to 96”
  2. Wood thickness: 6 “or 8″ or 10.”
  3. Length: 4 ‘to 28’
  4. Lifting pins (both ends)
  5. Paint with wax wood on both ends
  6. Mixed solid wood

How to Protect Timber Matting For Maximum Utilization

The eco-friendly natural wood OSMO range is a new crude oil and wax coatings produced in Germany by a wood company after years of research and dissatisfaction with unreliable conventional methods. OSMO products are designed to eliminate problems associated with traditional oil, varnishes, and water-based treatments. The oil penetrates the wood surface to protect the wood from the depth, and wax forms a tough micro-surface to preserve the wood.

OSMO combines all the professional properties of oil-based coatings with the smooth finish of conventional paints. Simple, economical, and easy to use, and does not emit unpleasant odors during or after use.

Benefit Of OSMO

One of the major advantages of the OSMO oil/wax finishing system is a microporous protective surface that is created during application and allows the wood to breathe. Dust repellent antistatic properties for allergy sufferers; No primer required prior to application; the minimum amount required for economical use; even application, removing blemishes; There is no need to dilute oil wax to avoid confusion. without peeling, and resurfacing without prior sanding.

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