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Many beauty creams is impossible to wash off without special oils, which is a major concern of consumers. If manufacturing companies in Korea or Japan produce BB cream in two or three shades, then the European palette grows to five. Blemish balm cream or BB cream is a cosmetic product designed specifically to mask skin imperfections. BB cream is a symbiosis of cream and tonal foundation, combining the functions of these two products.

European and Asian BB creams

The formula of European BBs differs from the formula of Eastern product. The thing is that manufacturers in Europe are more concerned about masking flaws, while Eastern manufacturers are also concerned about the condition of the skin. European and American products are more like a moisturizer with a tone. Cosmetic products developed in Asia aims at whitening the skin. Many BB creams contain vitamin C, known for its whitening effect.

Many believe that BB cream is the brainchild of Koreans, but this is not true. The cream formula was developed in 1968 by the German doctor Christine Schrammeck to restore the skin after surgery. But it gained fame and wide distribution in Korea and Japan. Many Korean actresses used it to achieve smooth porcelain skin.

Functions of a BB cream

BB cream is a moisturizer, a foundation, a sun protection cream and a primer all rolled into one.

Manufacturers claim that creams have many important functions, it:

  1. Moisturizes
  2. Protection from sunlight
  3. It fights against wrinkles and signs of aging.
  4. Smooth coating
  5. Elimination of oily sheen
  6. Concealment of irregularities and redness
  7. Skin whitening

BB cream is a merger of cream and tonal base. Many claims that the BB cream adapts to your skin tone, regardless of shade; this is not entirely true. The color palette of BB creams is limited to 2-4 shades, and you should choose the most similar to the color of your skin.

For better application, it is best to apply BB cream with a brush. A tonal base brush will do better than fingers. So that the BB cream does not lie on the skin with a mask, evenly distribute it on the face and thoroughly blend the transitions.

It is best to use a moisturizer before applying BB. Most BB creams have a light texture and will not be able to hide circles under the eyes, scars and redness. In this case, you will need a concealer.

It moisturizes like a cream, softens as a primer, covers as a makeup base (leaving your skin natural), hides imperfections like a concealer and protects you from the sun rays. BB creams (blemish balms or beauty balms) are for use at any time of the day and be divine in a few minutes.

The idea was to reach a formula with a treating effect and aesthetic purposes; that is, something that could hide red spots and irritation left by any surgery. There are already several brands that have launched their own BB creams and many that are about to launch them, others are only obtained outside.

We put together a guide with everything you need to know if you want to buy one.

What are they?

BB creams are products which have an immediate effect on the skin. They form a waterproof film that protects against UV rays, mattifies the skin, smoothes the skin surface and provides agents that moisturize and reduce wrinkles and expression lines.

To put it more clearly: it is as if they were a fusion of soothing and moisturizing cream + pigments to beautify.

In general, each brand has them in two or three shades (the most typical are beige, pink and yellow). What we like the most is that they have a greasy texture that leaves skin refresh, bright, flawless and uniform.

What are they for?

They are ideal for giving a very natural appearance while moisturizing, matching the skin and correcting; they are not a foundation makeup as they do not provide a lot of coverage. Everyone uses it and whenever they want, but what is certain is that BB creams are the revolution in cosmetics since last year, and although they do not have a high covering power, the change you notice after using them is very good.

How are they used.

  1. Apply it on washed, cleaned and dry skin.
  2. Before putting it on, you have to moisturize your skin if you have extra dry skin, but you can also go for a BB cream with extra moisturizing power.
  3. The BB cream is applied evenly on the skin, to cover the entire surface.
  4. You can use it even in dark circles and bags and also as both day and night cream.
  5. Do not go overboard with the quantity; it is only a little so that it looks very natural.
  6. If you also decide to use a makeup base, apply it a few minutes after the BB cream.
  7. Wait fifteen minutes before going out into the sun.

You can use BB cream as a pre-base or primer

The primers are products of makeup, and their function is to tone the skin and perfect it and then apply the base.

They have in their formula silicones that improve the application of the BB cream and create an even complexion and help its fixation.

BB creams are not suitable to be used as a base, because it is not a makeup product. It is a cosmetic treatment and beauty formula (with soothing, protective or moisturizing assets, which the bases or bases do not have). They are an intermediate between treatment and makeup. There are up to ten or fifteen shades of makeup bases. In contrast, BB, at most, there are three.

If you want, BB creams can act as a pre-base or replace the makeup bases, but only if you are looking for a natural effect.


Cosmetics continue to advance, and the successor to the BB cream: the CC cream (color controller) is now available. Their application is similar to the BB cream. Both one and the other are ideal for women who are looking for products to make ourselves beautiful in a little while. But they have some differences to keep in mind:

  1. CC creams have formulas derived from BB creams, but they come with a greater load of pigments (that is, they give more color). furthermore, they can act as a makeup base and last for more than 14 hours
  2. They are chosen by women who are looking for more pigment and high coverage in their creams.
  3. They leave the skin brighter, and many include in their formulas anti-age components, to treat spots or to boost the growth of natural collagen
  4. Offer more hydration and nutrition, and contain higher sun protection factor


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