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Holidays are the greatest means of breaking the adversities of everyday routine life. Hence, everyone craves a break and dreams of spending holidays at a beautiful destination. But, there are many issues to address before planning a holiday. In fact, the booking of flights for travel and making accommodations in a good hotel take a lot out of a common holidaymaker. Above all, budgeting for the holidays could be a challenging task with ever-rising costs and that too on foreign land. In this scenario, the concept of All Inclusive Holidays is growing popular these days. Importantly, this AI concept has become a boon to the travel industry. There are many advantages of AI packages that benefit tourists across the world.

Whether one wants to hit the sun-kissed coasts on the Mediterranean or spend time on a lovely Caribbean Island, the All-Inclusive Deals and packages come in handy in keeping the hassles of holidays away.

What is an All-Inclusive Holiday?

Holidays are to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. But, the amount of preparation that goes prior to a holiday can be tiring. And after all this exercise one might eventually land on the destination. And again at the destination, one may end up hooked to browsing the tickets and finding the hotels to suit their budget. Instead of discovering the new joys of life on a holiday, there are great chances of budget vows dampening the spirits as well. All Inclusive Holiday packages keep away all such anxieties on a vacation. These AI packages include the prices of flights, transfers, hotels, food, drinks, and activities. Of course, this depends on the type of accommodation and package one chooses. However, most of the AI deals include meals but the option on drinks varies. Furthermore, the All Inclusive deals might also include the price of amenities in one package.

Above all, the AI takes care of the snacks and entertainment up to stipulated time. Few packages might include child care also. Finally, the All Inclusive Holiday package deals mean budgeting the vacation or break at once.

Advantages of All Inclusive Holidays

Once the cost of the holiday is paid upfront means, one is aware of the total budget of the holiday much in advance even before embarking on a vacation. Hence, it throws away a lot of weight from the mind on a holiday. It helps to keep away from exercising the mind on calculations of the bill and one can just stay away from the wallets and cards. Especially, these all in one package are more helpful when planning holidays with families as they ensure affordable All Inclusive Family Holidays. And also, there is no need to hit the foreign exchanges for currency.

Above all, the tourists can find their comfort and peace immediately after landing on the foreign soil. In fact, they can throw the luggage away in the corner of a hotel and laze on the comfortable hotel couch without worrying about the cash. To sum it up, All Inclusive Holidays are more convenient and provide great value for money.

What is the difference between All Inclusive, Full Board, Half Board, and Bed & Breakfast?


Most of the deals include meals in their packages. In fact, the All Inclusive deals include breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, drinks along with activities and entertainment. And all these are served up to cutoff time. Most importantly, the provision of activities and entertainment vary from operator to operator and depends purely on the deal. Hence, one should not lose in the jargon of the travel operator before choosing a package. Carefully read the conditions before locking the package deal.

Full Board

A Full Board package covers Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the holiday price. But, the snacks and drinks are charged beyond the timings of these meals. Having said this, a Full Board covers basic drinks like tea, coffee, and juice.

Half Board

To be precise, this type of holiday package is suitable for those who want to spend the day outside the hotel in the destination. The Half Board package includes a room, breakfast, and dinner in the hotel. Means, the visitors can have breakfast mostly in buffet style and go out to explore the destination and have lunch somewhere and come back for dinner. And usually, the drinks are chargeable under this package

Bed and Breakfast

Exactly, what you read is what you get on this type of package on a holiday. This is most viable for short city breaks and beach breaks. Under this package, one gets the overnight accommodation and breakfast.

Food on All Inclusive Holiday

Most All Inclusive packages and All Inclusive Hotels serve buffets of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And the type of food that is served varies from hotel to hotel and destination to destination. And also, few hotels might offer the luxury of picking your choice with Ala Carte options. Few might even serve the world cuisine along with additional top-ups like beachside barbeques etc. However, this package takes care of the basic requirements of food on a holiday.

Drinks on All Inclusive Holiday

The option of drinks under this package varies from operator to operator and hotel to hotel and also depends on the deal. However, alcoholic drinks like beer, wines and local spirits are served apart from the common cool drinks. But, the pricing might vary to cover the branded drinks and fancy cocktails.

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