7 Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Comfortably Cool This Summer

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With summer months approaching soon, the time when you may not sleep comfortably and do many tasks efficiently is going to begin. You may be looking to buy either an air conditioner (AC) or an air cooler to tackle the scorching heat. But they are always there to help you avoid heat and rest and sleep comfortably. How about following some proven tips to keep your bedroom comfortably cool this summer? Yes, you can give it a try and enjoy having comfortable Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Comfortably Cool this summer. Go through his quick post and know more!

1. Close the blinds during the day

Unwanted hot air may penetrate your room via the windows, and 30% of them can be attributed to windows that are uncovered. Hence, pulling down the windows during the day is a simple way to keep your room cooler.

2. Keep the windows open at night

Let the refreshing and cool air if any come inside your room. By opening windows during the night can using fans can create a relaxing cross breeze without using the AC. But you should ensure to close the windows when it’s morning or before things begin to start heating up.

3. Shut the doors of your bedroom

You should also close any other room if it’s unused. You can do that by simply shutting the doors. Once done, you can ensure that your AC or air cooler is able to cool the room faster. The AC won’t have to strain to cool other adjacent rooms if the doors of such spaces are completely shut.

4. Use home appliances when the sun is down

You should wait until its dusk to start using the vacuum cleaner, washing machine and more. Not only doing chores during the day will soon tire you out on a hot day, but they will also emit heat that will make the room hotter soon. Thus, it would be suggested to do chores like cleaning and washing clothes when the sun is away.

5. Set the right temperature

If you want to use your AC when it is extremely hot, then you should avoid blasting it at 18 degrees. Not only it will strain the AC, but even take much time to bring down the room temperature to 18 degrees. In the process, it will also end up consuming more electricity units and lead to a large bill. You can avoid it by setting the temperature of the AC at 24 degrees if the outside temperature is 38-40 degrees. This way, your AC will take less time to reach 24 degrees instead of 18 degrees and cool down the room fast. It will also eat up lesser power units to do so.

6. Use a ceiling fan along with your AC

When you see that your AC has started to cool, then you should switch on the ceiling fan at a slower speed so that it circulates the cooler air to all corners fast. This way, you will end up straining your AC and ensure proper cooling in the room without adding on to the energy bill.

7. Implement other cool methods to sleep

Other than the discussed tips, you can also use other methods to sleep comfortably on a hot and humid day. Have a look:

  1. Use cotton bed sheets as they are breathable and light
  2. Avoid silk and flannel as they insulate heat despite being lightweight
  3. Cover your mattress if it is generating heat
  4. Before going to sleep, take a cold shower and jump on a cotton bed sheet

You are now well-versed with easy tips that can help you stay super cool and comfortable in your bedroom with or without using an air cooler and an air conditioner. Start practicing and keep off heat from disturbing your comfort and sleep this summer!


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