4 Boys Bedroom Ideas That Will Please Even Picky Sleepers

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If you’ve been brainstorming boys’ bedroom ideas, there are a couple of things you need to take into consideration. Whether it’s finding a way to showcase their hobbies and passion, or using the best mattress for their sleep, ensuring you’re doing everything you can to create a space that feels safe and secure is the key to doing this successfully. 

When you’re working with a tight budget, you’ll need to remember that great-looking boys’ bedroom ideas don’t have to come at a high expense. Invest in a select few pieces that you know will make a significant contribution to the overall comfort of your space.

Here’s everything you need to know about boys bedroom ideas that even the pickiest pre-teen will love: 

1: Put their passions on display

Whether you have younger boys or you’re thinking of redoing your teenager’s space, one of the most important tricks for improving your space is ensuring their passions and creative interests are actively encouraged. Not only does integrating your son’s hobbies into his bedroom create a more exciting space, but it also fosters curiosity and learning naturally in your child.

Adding inspiration and knick-knacks related to their hobbies are great ways to keep your son actively engaged. Do your son’s interests change by the week? Try adding a pegboard that helps you switch things in and out with ease, without needing to take a lot of effort to realign and redo your son’s efforts in the short term. 

2: Let them choose the color scheme 

Have your son involved in the process of decorating their space, and allowing them to choose their bedroom colors, can help them feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for their bedroom. Bolder colors such as green and yellow can work well with boys’ bedroom ideas, though blue has been shown repeatedly to be the most effective for a good night’s sleep.

If you’d prefer a more minimalist color scheme for your son’s bedroom, you might also choose to introduce accents to their space to keep them looking nice and neat. Adding pops of color via decorative accents instead will allow you to mix things up from time to time without ever feeling like you need to repaint their space entirely. 

3: Find the best mattress for their comfort 

It would be best to begin brainstorming boys’ bedroom ideas without having an idea of the best mattress for your son’s comfort. One of the most important ways to ensure a boy’s bedroom stays cozy and comfortable is by investing in the best mattress for their sleep. 

The best mattress size for young people is usually a twin, though if you want your mattress to outlast its growth spurts, a twin xl will work even better for you to account for this. If you’re investing in a bed for a very young toddler, however, keep in mind the best mattress size will probably be a twin since you’ll need to have this replaced by the time they’re a teenager anyhow. 

4: Try Sticking To A Theme

When it comes to boys’ bedroom ideas, it’s important to note that having a theme can help you get creative with it. Finding the right balance of whimsical and fun prints and patterns to incorporate into your space can go a long way when it comes to helping you work out what you need for a bedroom your son’s going to love. 

For instance, you might want to try having a ‘space’ theme – try constellation-themed wallpaper. These decorative accents include space-themed memorabilia and add some alien-themed bedsheets for a bedroom that’s fun and whimsical enough to keep your son feeling proud of his space. 

When it comes to boys’ bedroom ideas, less can sometimes be more. This is especially true for teen bedroom ideas, where your child will be using their space for a lot more work and focused time. When it comes to upgrading a child’s room, think about adding a work desk, some task lighting, and the supplies they need to get things done independently. 

Teen bedroom ideas should include separating the bedroom into ‘work’ and ‘rest’ zones, ones that help your young adults start building a framework that allows them to prioritize both equally. The best mattress for a teenager might be slightly different from that of a young child, especially if you’d prefer that they move this mattress from their bedroom to their dorm room when it’s time for college. 

Boys’ bedroom ideas are fun to get creative with and simple enough to brainstorm. Once you get your child involved in the process, you’re going to find they feel a lot more ownership of their space and enjoy finding ways to keep things as cozy and comfortable as possible.

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