4 Best Rolex Watches In The Marketplace Today

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Rolex have been making wristwatches for a very long time now, and there is no doubt that they have already mastered the way on how to do everything perfectly and flawlessly. This means that you can expect everything Rolex Watches have done and will do in the future will be a masterpiece and a work of art. That is what they are most famous for. Perfection!

There are a few of them made with love, and with their hard work, these timepieces can be considered the best among the rest. But with perfection comes a very high price also. But that’s alright! If you’re here, this means you have the means to purchase them, and here are some of the best ones they have made.

Rolex Submariner Custom Ceramic Blue 116610

Let’s begin with the cheapest one on this list of Rolex Watches. Be mindful that this is only cheap because some are more expensive coming your way. But that’s alright! You don’t need to worry since this is still a very affordable one considering that it is custom-made, and there are only a few of these that have been created. Check this out.

The Rolex Submariner Custom Ceramic Blue 116610 has a price range of about $13,000 up to $14,000. That is a bit high, but since this is a custom made luxury watch, what more do you expect? It was embedded with a 31 jewel automatic movement, and the oyster with Glide lock Clasp is the one that makes this timepiece an incredibly mesmerizing one.

Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Custom Ceramic Meteorite 116710

Next on this list is the Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi Custom Ceramic Meteorite 116710, a timepiece made with gratefulness and pride. This is truly a piece that is out of this world, just like the design. The custom-made ceramic meteorite is the one that gave off its high price. Everything is just great when it comes to this one!

The pure stainless steel case, custom meteorite dials, custom ceramic blue/red bezel, and the oyster flip-lock bracelet are the things that Rolex is most proud of creating. Everything in this watch is genuinely made with passion and class. Yes, it comes with a price range of about $14,000 up to $15,000, it will be worth the buy due to all its features. This watch may even prove to be a valuable investment, as selling your Rolex later could potentially earn you some extra cash.

Rolex Men’s Day-Date President Yellow Gold Custom Diamond Bezel & Blue Diamond Dial

Rolex Watches surpassed its limits with this masterpiece right here. The Rolex Men’s Day-Date President Yellow Gold Custom Diamond Bezel & Blue Diamond Dial is an exquisite one that provides the owner of this watch a wealthy and prosperous look. Though, with the price of this, there are no doubts that you have the means to do so if you can buy this one.

With a price range of about $16,000 up to a whopping $20,000, you will have a difficult time fighting the temptation of purchasing one for yourself once you have taken a little peek at this piece. This watch rocks an 18k yellow gold bracelet, casing, bezel, and the blue colored dial and the touch of diamonds made this an elegant and classy timepiece.

Rolex Rolex Daytona ceramic 40mm Luxury Watch

Finally, we have the Rolex Rolex Daytona ceramic 40mm, a luxury watch made with a pure 18k gold casing that will truly make your day to day life a luxurious and lush one. This is a real head-turner. Anyone who knows expensive watches will drool just by seeing this one. But keep in mind that with high power comes a high price also.

With a price range of $50,000 up to a whopping $70,000, it can leave a mark on your credit cards or leave a hole in your wallets. But once you have seen the look of this masterpiece, you will not think about the price and will only think about how lucky you will be that you were able to purchase such an elegant and powerful piece on your wrist.


Rolex did it, creating and producing these fantastic timepieces and showing them off to the people in this world. Make sure not to skip the chance to grab one of these since there are tons of items on sale in different outlets. But if you don’t like any items on this list, no need to worry. There are still other ways you can rock a Rolex watch. Visit their site!

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