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10 of the Best Pumpkin Spice Products on the Market This Season

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It’s that time of year again, when everything smells like a gourd that really has no aroma on it’s own. But, when cloves, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger are added to fresh pumpkin, we are given the first gift of the holiday season: pumpkin spice.

From simple air fresheners to pumpkin spice flavored Spam, make sure to get your hands on all the best pumpkin spice products, before pumpkin is swapped out for peppermint, and these limited edition products disappear.

Check out 10 of the best (and slightly outrageous) pumpkin spice products on the market this season.


These gluten free bars come packed with five grams of protein and a whole lot of pumpkin spice to keep you energized and festive all season long.


Pumpkins do more than just make a great jack o’lantern vessel and pie filling. It can soothe your skin, too! This body lotion is made with fresh pumpkin and natural hemp seed oil to keep you silky smooth and smelling like sweet spices all day.


Swap out your pumpkin spice latte for a punch of pumpkin spice protein! Now you can enjoy your favorite fall flavor at the gym, because you should never go too long without getting your fix.


Even when you’re not eating pumpkin spice goodies, you can still get pretty close! Just swipe on some of this moisturizing lip balm and let the spice of the season linger on your lips. You should probably just stock up for the year.


This mask is packed with pumpkin enzymes to help balance out skin tone and exfoliate away dead skin cells. And don’t worry… it still has that pumpkin spice smell you know and love. It’s a win-win!


Luckily, these air fresheners come with five refills, which means you can keep the quintessential smell of fall in your home for months after pumpkin spice products are taken off the shelves.


pumpkin spice product round up

Get a little boozy this season with this pumpkin spice cocktail mix. Add a liquor of your choice and serve over ice, or warm some up with a sweet liqueur for a cocktail worthy of a cozy night around the fireplace.


Want every inch of your home to smell like a PSL? Take your pumpkin obsession to the next level with this multi surface spray. Give all the counters in your home a thorough wipe down to keep them clean and to keep the pumpkin scent lingering throughout the whole house.


Launching September 23rd, pumpkin spice flavored Spam might be your new pantry staple. Try sautéing it and putting it on an egg and cheese sandwich for a sweet and seasonal touch to your breakfast.


This gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free creamer is made with pumpkin and organic spices to give your morning beverage a pie-inspired flavor. Add just one spoonful into your morning cup of coffee and you’ll be in pumpkin spice heaven, without all the added sugar and calories from a store-bought PSL.

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